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Welcome to Spirit Mountain Healing Arts Center

Spirit Mountain Healing Arts Center sessions work within the realm of each client's energy and consciousness. Sessions may touch on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of our life experience.

At Spirit Mountain Healing Arts Center, our primary objective is to support each client in his or her unique healing journey with consideration, honesty, and compassion.

Our Philosophy

As Spirit Mountain Healing Arts Center practitioners, our personal philosophy does not keep to the conventional medical model of treating the symptom and not addressing the cause. We genuinely believe that all higher life has the ability to self-heal, if given the appropriate environment. We provide that environment in our practice by integrating various holistic and energy healing modalities to amplify your natural self-healing abilities.

We listen carefully to your needs and intentions, so each session is uniquely balanced to support and amplify your own self-healing. This spirit of teamwork is something we truly value.

Why seek alternative healing methods?

Because of rising healthcare costs in the United States, in April of 2003 the Florida Legislature recognized that it is in the interest of the citizens of the State of Florida to have broader access to complementary or alternative health care options, which provide affordable quality health care.

Many individuals unable to find the solutions they are seeking through traditional medical treatments are pursuing alternative and complementary methods of treatment and healing. Research has shown that people are likely to seek an alternative provider if they perceived their health care needs are not being met.

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